Best Supplements to Build Muscle

7 Tips to Help You Select the Best Supplements to Build Muscle

It’s no secret – supplements are the most convenient way to provide your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to keep fit and build muscle. Supplements aid us in everything from repairing muscle tissue to increasing our energy.

And while supplements come in all forms, shapes, and sizes, we always recommend sticking with liquids and powders whenever possible. This is simply due to the fact that capsules are broken down by the stomach and the full effect never reaches the body.

But, there are a thousand and one supplements out there for you to choose from. Finding which ones are right for you can be quite the challenge. So, always do your research before throwing your money at a product.

Tip 1: Know Why You Need Supplements

First, it’s important to understand what you need from a supplement. In this day and age, there are supplements that do everything: build muscle, lose fat, clear our skin, gain weight, the list goes on. So first, the questions you need to answer to are; what do I want to achieve? Do I need to lose weight? Do I want to build  muscle strength? Do I want to change my eating habits? And ultimately, what supplements should I take? Answering these simple questions will help you know the type of supplements you need.

Tip 2: Find Out Who Is Behind The Supplement

Research the company that is behind the supplement and what real users say about it. This is of great importance as there are many black market supplements that can promise great results but can actually cause your body great harm. These days, many companies use their marketing dollars on hiring celebrities to promote and sell their products. However, unsolicited reviews are always the true test to what a supplement actually does and the results it produces.

Tip 3: Find Out How The Supplement is Made

Only buy those supplements that feature formulas that have been properly tested. Do not become a crash test dummy for a supplement company. By buying only those supplements that have undergone the right tests and trials, you ensure that you are using a supplement that is not only safe but one that works. This helps you know if the supplements have any side effects you should worry about today, or in the future. For instance, some supplements may cause dehydration, stomach issues or even muscle cramps. Any potential side effects could hinder your progress.

Tip 4: Test the Support

When buying a supplement, choose a supplement provider that gives you precise information on how you should use it. As mentioned above supplements come in many forms. It is also wise to take caution as you use multiple supplements. When using multiple supplements it’s important to have precise instruction on usage and dosage. Also, check out the return policy.

Tip 5: Check Out the Label

Find what ingredients are used to make the supplement you need. This helps you compare different products and their benefits and figure out which one is the best for your needs. It is also possible to tell good supplements from the rest by looking at the source and the ingredients used to make it. The source is information showing you how the supplement was obtained. It goes without saying that the quality of the supplement will correspond to the quality of its ingredients. The manufacturer should be able to pick out, test and verify that those ingredients are helpful to your body.

Tip 6: Stick With the Tried and Tested

Find the bodybuilding supplements that do not have additives or claim to have health benefits. In fact, the FDA forbids such claims unless, the supplement as passed through all the necessary trials. In most cases, these claims are marketing strategies employed by a select few. If you seek to burn fat and do it fast, what you need is a supplement that deals with that issue. A supplement that claims to add extra benefits is a distraction. Another reason to avoid additives is that they may be harmful to you and also have no benefit to you as their only purpose is to speed up the manufacturing process.

Tip 7: Research, Research, and More Research

Consider the business and the retailer you buy these body building supplements from. The best retailers work hard to ensure they only stock the best of the products available on the market. They vet all the suppliers and the drugs they purchase to ensure that are FDA approved and safe. They also know which brands can be trusted and, hence, are a source of valuable information. If you need to buy creatine for mass, these retailers will have what you want. They may also give you advice on how to use it. For example, they know that insulin improves creatine uptake. They will advise you to take it with juice or any other concoction that is has a lot of carbohydrates. But, always do your research. Many supplement companies pay their employees in commissions which can negatively affect which product gets recommended to you. Is it the best product for you or is it the best commission for the employee?

Final Thoughts

Understand, supplements cannot help you achieve your fitness goals without being used properly. Supplements must be used in conjunction with a proper diet and a killer workout program for your specific goal. Obviously, losing weight and building a lot of muscle mass are two drastically different goals. Thermogenic fat burners and truslim are the most common supplements that will help you lose weight. Whereas, whey protein and creatine are the most popular muscle building supplements.

At the end of the day, supplements are the only way to reach your fitness goals quicker than you would be able to naturally. Without supplements, you can still reach your goals. However, it will take a lot longer to get there. So, if your just starting out, go the natural way and develop the correct plan and form to reach your goals. When you’re committed to hitting the gym consistently and achieving your goals, turn to supplements. This will save you money in the long run as you won’t have any empty supplements sitting on your counters.