Build Chest Muscle, Build Chest Muscle Quickly

7 Tips to Build Chest Muscle Quickly

When it comes to men and weight lifting – chest day is a must. After all, you never hear any ask if you’ve skipped chest day, bro. When it comes to building a dominate chest there are several factors that come into play. We’re going to take a look at a few things you can do to ensure that you’re building chest muscle as quickly and efficiently as possible.
1. Ensure Your Plan is Flawless

When it comes to building the chest muscles, you need to know when to work it and when to rest it. The ideal mass gaining weight lifting plan will require you to lift heavy weights, and then allow the muscles to rest and recover. Your workout plan should require you to hit the gym 4 to 6 times per week and work out the chest – hard – twice.

This means you should be isolating the large muscle groups: leg day, back day, chest day, core day, arm day, while hitting no more than two large muscle groups each day. This type of routine will allow the chest 48 or more hours to recover before you exercise it again. This will ensure it is properly trained and rested for great gains.

2. Make the Bench Press a Fixture on Chest Day

The bench press is the most common chest exercise amongst bodybuilders when it comes to the chest. There’s simply no way around it. You HAVE to rock the bench press to grow your chest bigger and stronger. But it’s more than just the bench press.

The chest consists of many muscles that require you to tweak the bench press in order to target each one a little differently and to produce the best overall results. The regular bench press, the incline press, and the decline press all hit the chest muscles in different ways and should all be worked into your routine.

With that said, it’s also important to determine if the standard bench press, the dumbbell bench press, or both are correct for you. The standard bench press typically enables you to lift more weight. But, the dumbbell bench press enables you to separately target each side of the chest and – in my opinion – produces better overall results. The dumbbell bench press forces each side of the chest to undergo the same exact level of stress and each side is forced to use great stability.

3. Complete a Variety of Exercises

Just like you should be performing a wide variety of bench presses, you should be performing a wide variety of chest exercises overall. Dumbbell flies and using a cable crossover will ensure that you get a complete chest workout. Just like the bench press, cable flies can – and should – be modified to target the entire chest. This is done by using the crossover in high, medium, and low positions.

4. Don’t Forget the Shoulders

To achieve an ideal overall chest/upper body physique, it is important to incorporate the shoulders into your workout regime. This can either be incorporated on chest day or on arm day but it shouldn’t go overlooked. Most gyms have a shoulder station that will allow you to raise weight with the arms and directly target the shoulders. When using free weights, simply raise the dumbbells up to almost shoulder height, and then return them back to your waist. Larger shoulders greatly improve the look of the chest.

5. Don’t Underestimate Push-Ups

There is a reason that so many prisoners are able to maintain great physique while being stuck in a 6 foot by 6 foot cell for 23 hours a day. The reason why is due to body exercises. Never underestimate the power of body exercises.

There are multiple ways to perform push-ups to alter the chest muscles that they target. Simply moving your hands wider apart or closer together than a standard push-up will produce much different results and alter the intensity level of your workout.

Personally, I love to hit a as many push-ups as I can until failure on chest day. It’s the ideal way to “burn out” the chest muscles and generate great gains after a hard chest workout.

6. Your Diet is Everything

Your workout results will only be as good as your efforts and as your diet. A faulty nutritional balance will result in diminished results.

Make sure that you have balanced diet with complete nutrients, such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. The combination of these nutrients can help you grow your chest muscle much quicker. It is also recommended for you to increase your protein intake by consuming meat, nuts, milk, and other protein-rich foods and supplements.

7. Proper Form and Using the Right Amount of Weight

Always remember to use proper form and lift the correct amount of weights. Proper form consists of maintaining stability and control of the exercise without jerking or using other muscle groups to power through the rep. Even though you’ll be able to lift more weight this way, you’ll suffer from incorrect form and your progress will be halted. The ideal weight is the weight you can lift without having to use poor form to complete the workout. Using proper form and the correct amount of weight will greatly reduce your risk of injury.

The Wrap Up

Following these 7 simple tips to build chest muscle will undoubtedly put you on the fast track to chest gains. It all starts with the proper plan – both in the gym and in the kitchen. Your progress will suffer if either of these components are inadequate.

Once you have the proper plan in place to achieve your goal, just see it through. Remain committed to work on it each and every day and know that the results will follow. As you continue to lift, and gain more and more strength, increase the amount of weight that you’re using to perform the exercise slowly but surely. Going up in increments of 5 to 10 pounds may not sound like much, but the results will be noticeable. It will also reduce the risk of injury, while continuing to strengthen the muscles and keep them from plateauing.

Once you’ve developed an understanding of the muscle building process and are completely committed to cutting the gym, turn to muscle building supplements to take your gains to the next level.