Build Arm Muscle, Build Arm Muscle Fast

7 Tips to Build Arm Muscle Fast

If you’re like every single man who has ever walked this planet then you’ve probably wondered about the best ways to build arm muscle. The arms are one of the most fun muscle groups to work out and it seems like everyone notices the results of your arm training.

In this article, I’m going to break down my best 7 tips for you to build noticeable, attention grabbing arms in one month or less. These quick results will catapult your arm training gains and set you on the path for swole biceps and triceps.

Tip #1: Plan Your Schedule Properly

This tip has nothing to do with actually building arm muscle – or any other muscle. But, as a wise bodybuilder once told me: the separation is in the preparation. When training your biceps and triceps hard, it is important to maintain a proper training schedule. You should train your arm hard and then give them 48 days to properly recover – by eating and supplementing the proper nutrition to promote growth. Overtraining any muscle with prevent growth and lead to fatigue. During that 48 hour break, you should use your arms as a secondary muscle group while working your chest, back, core or legs. Don’t let your muscle become totally inactive but don’t push them too far either.

Tip #2: Start With Your Biceps

Your biceps are the larger of the two main arm muscles. Thus, it makes sense to make the bicep even larger than it is. We’ve previously took a look at the biceps in our article on 6 best arm exercises here.

Complete training of your biceps involves hitting them with as many different muscle gaining exercises as possible. Standing curls, seated curls, barbell curls, dumbbell curls, rope curls, resistance curls, I could go on all day. Each of these different types of curls attacks your biceps in a slightly different way. When all is said and done, your biceps will receive a comprehensive workout.

Tip #3: Focus on your triceps

The triceps are my favorite muscle to work and are extremely important when it comes to increasing arm size . There is something about the burn in your triceps that is unlike the burn you receive from working out any other muscle.

My favorite explosive triceps workout is the cable pull down – both single handedly and using a rope with both hands. Alternating between these two variations will cause your triceps to swell and burn.

For double handed triceps pull down with a rope aim for 7 or 8 reps and three sets. For the single hand, burn out your triceps until you can get the weight down.

Tip #4: Work Your Shoulders While You’re In There

The great thing about building arm muscle is that isn’t one of the more time consuming days that you have in the gym. This allows you to focus a little but more on other parts of your bodies – such as your shoulders – which will aid in the overall look of your arms and upper body. Add military presses, overhead lifts, and lateral dumbbell raises to your arm day workout regime.

Tip #5: Train the Rest of Your Body

Part of building your arm muscle includes building the rest of your body as well. Don’t become too fixated on your arms that you over look the other major muscle groups such as the legs, core, chest, or back. Developing these muscles will enable you to further develop your arm muscles by increasing your body’s overall muscle mass.

This will also assist with giving your arm muscles proper time to rest and recover while forcing them to assist as secondary muscles when working out the other muscle groups.

Tip #6: Consume Healthy Foods

Keep in mind that these tips are in no particular order and as such, do not overlook the need to provide your body with proper nutrition. Muscle building is only possible when the body has the nutrients needed to produce muscle growth and recovery. When it comes to building muscle, protein is the most important aspect of your diet. Protein is what allows the muscles to exist and grow.

The second most important aspect of muscle building is carbohydrates. Consuming the perfect amount of carbohydrates each day will provide your body with the energy it needs to perform your daily activities and workout. But, while it provides just enough energy for you activities, it’s important that you do not consistently consume a surplus of calories. When this occurs, the body turns the excess calories into fat.

The last part of the equation is to consume a mix of amino acids. Amino acids play an important role when it comes to helping the muscles recovery and ultimately grow.

These three essential nutrients can be taken consumed through proper dieting or more effectively by using a workout supplement such as whey protein or creatine.

Tip #7: Get Plenty of Rest

Rest in an important but often overlooked aspect of muscle building. Simply put, your muscles need time to recover when they are strained during your workout. As mentioned earlier, you should always allow 48 hours to pass before you work out the same muscle group again. You should also aim to get at least 8 hours of great sleep per night to allow your body to recover as your amino acids do their job repairing and expanding the muscles. To boost your recovery and minimize your fatigue, use a post-workout supplement to provide a jolt of nutrients to promote healthy muscle gain and recovery.

Final Thought

The arm muscles are the most fun muscles to workout. From the personal satisfaction to the fact that people will notice the hard work you do in the gym, there are hundreds of reasons to build your arm muscle.

However, always remember to challenge your muscles to grow by using heavier weights and doing more reps. By pushing your muscles to failure you are enabling them to come back stronger and more capable of lifting heavier weights.

Progressive weight training is the only way to constantly improve your muscle mass. Never get complacent with your gains. To take your gains to the next level, you must add whey protein and creatine to your supplementation regime.