How to Build Chest Muscle, build chest muscle

5 Tips on How to Build Chest Muscle

We live in a world where first impressions are everything. And as the fitness market continues to grow, there is still nothing that stands out more than a muscular, developed chest. Perfecting your physique requires a tremendous nutrition and a workout regime with a purpose.

Understand Your Chest and Shoulders

There are 4 parts of your chest, the inner chest, the outer chest, the lower chest and the upper chest. Every chest workout worth its weight will focus on every part of the chest.

These 4 parts combine to make a massive group of muscles that encompass the entire front side of the upper body. This area, starting with the collar bone, down to ribs, the breast bone, and the upper arm and tendons requires intricate training to maximize muscle gains. A complete workout that focuses on developing the chest is the best strategy to get results. When it comes to large muscle groups like the chest, we must isolate and attack them during our workouts.

Isolating and attacking the chest muscles allows you to develop the overall look and strength of the entire muscle group. This accelerates the pace of which you’re able to make gains.

Less Reps and More Weight

You’ve probably heard that you can’t get big without lifting big. Lifting big means pushing your muscles. This is what literally forcing them to grow. When you lift heavy weights, your muscle tissues suffer tiny tears which the body repairs during the recovery process.

Taking it a step further, heavy weight to failure will take your muscles to the brink. Pushing them to their limits will ultimately generate results.

However, when you push your muscles as hard as you can, it’s important to give them time to recover. This means that the ideal workout will incorporate days which focus on reps and weight. Changing your workout routine will keep the muscles guessing and prevent them from plateauing.

This also means that it’s essential to give your body time to rest and recovery after you put them through a strenuous workout. Your muscles don’t grow during your workout, they grow while they’re recovering.

Five Exercises Build Chest Muscle

  1. Bench press

The bench press is the staple upper body workout in gyms throughout the world. The bench press develops the pectoral muscles, deltoids and triceps.

To perform the bench press, lay flat on with your back on a bench. Then ensure your feet rest firmly on the floor. Then hold the barbell with your palms, and slowly straighten your elbows to lift the barbell. After you have lifted the barbell, slowly bring it back to your chest. But you need to be careful when lowering the barbell. Ensure that too much pressure does not fall on your shoulder joint. To prevent a chest injury, it is important to lift an appropriate amount of weight. You can experiment this by lifting and holding the barbell for some time before beginning the exercise. You may also opt to have a spotter.

Keep in mind, the bench press can also be performed with dumbbells instead of a barbell. This is great if you’re looking to build chest muscle at home. The advantage of using dumbbells is that it isolates the left and right chest and improves your ability to control and isolate the chest even more. Try to incorporate the barbell and dumbbell bench presses to attack the chest with similar but different exercises.

  1. Dips

This is one type of chest workout that concentrates on the entire chest region. You need to hold a pair of parallel bars with your palms and support your body between the bars. Then lower your arms your elbows get to ninety degree angle. Then bend your lower body. Now, gradually raise your body by straightening your arms.

Be advised that this exercise is more difficult than it sounds. You are required to lift your entire body weight. To advance this exercise, you can strap on a vest or weights to your belt to increase the amount of weight you’re lifting.

  1. Push-Ups

Push-Ups are the oldest exercise in the book. And they have always, and will always, produced results. If you don’t have the equipment or are in a bind to get to the gym, push-ups are a great way to get your chest workout in. But, this is not just an at-home exercise. Push-ups are a great exercise to max-out on chest day. How many push-ups can you do after you’ve just completed your chest workout? The answer is not many, if you’re pushing yourself through your workout.

Push-ups are not complicated. First, you need to lie down facing the floor. Then place your palms on the floor at shoulder width and push yourself up. Then, slowly lower your body until your chest is four to five inches from the floor. Make sure that your body and your torso remain straight during the entire workout for maximum results. Experiment with closer and wider push-up positions for slight variations to the push-up.

  1. Dumbbell Fly

This is another exercise that concentrates on the entire chest area, and other specific areas of the chest depending on the angle of your bench. Start by holding the dumbbells with your hand, and slowly raising your arms above the chest region. Then slowly move the dumbbell back while only slightly bending your arms. Do not over stretch when doing this kind of exercise as you can harm your shoulders.

  1. Cable Crossover

The cable crossover is the ultimate chest building machine. These are one of the most common pieces found in home gums. These can also be found in every gym and there’s a good reason why. The cables can be adjusted to various angles. Different angles work out different parts of your chest, enabling you to create a full-chest workout.

To use a cable cross over, set the handles at the same height on each side and slowly bring the hands together. Then, slowly release back to the starting position and repeat. Remember to set the cable crossover to different angles to maximize the workout.

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